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If you got a problem, you are not welcome anymore.
Some of these physiotherapist & the doctors are totally incompetent, irresponsible, manipulative & lying.
I explained my situation many times, they go totally blank & have no idea.

Physiotherapists gave me some exercises which damaged me even more, so my sleep routine is totally damaged, my upper back and neck are even more unstable.

Psychologically, they behave very VERY primitive with extreme ego & with confident that there colleagues knows what they are doing & yet I got more damaged then repaired.

I am indirectly not welcome anymore due to there incompetents, they recommend me try a different "Vårdcentral" because they admit that they don't know how to help me.

You need driving license to drive a car & these people have license to help & yet they cause damage & go blank & still keep there license. Something is very VERY wrong.

I paid to get fixed, I didn't pay to get damaged & more problems.

Husie Vårdcentralen clearly needs a very VERY strong leader, because it is a disaster as it is now.

However, phone counseling, these people are very understanding & doesn't understand why these physiotherapist & doctors behave the way they do & are willing to talk to them, BUT it wont impact the situation, due to there limitation.

Inte bra!
Jag ringer i början på veckan. En telefon svarare meddelar att de inte kan svara på samtal. Jag blir ombedd att återkomma.
Jag ringer idag fredag, och det finns ingen ledig tid att ge mig, då det inte är akut.
Jag blir ombedd att ringa nästa vecka.
Inte så lätt att hinna ringa från jobb.


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